Is 3d volume dragonfly real?

We decided to make a dragonfly according to our pattern.

We had a very interesting idea to make a dragonfly with a lot of cabochons. Add elegance, elegance to it, making the suncatcher interesting and unusual!

For our work, we needed 40 cabochons.
We make cabochons ourselves. This requires a small fusing oven. We use the glass Spectrum. The master cuts circles of different diameters and different colors with a glass cutter. Grinds them on a grinder to remove chips, make them even. Then we put the glass in two layers and send it to the oven. The next day we take it out and use it at work. Yes, it is time-consuming! But how much beauty is immediately added to the stained glass windows!

Likewise, for this project, we baked the body of a dragonfly with eyes in the oven. Volumetric, beautiful, bright!
For the wings of a dragonfly, we have selected transparent glass, very textured, with veins, as if crumpled glass, Spectrum 100k. Perfect fit for the dragonfly.
Wrapping cabochons with foil is still a laborious process, but a lot of experience allows us to easily cope with this process).
Many stained glass painters use cabochons with caution in their projects – because the soldering process requires tremendous skill, experience, and patience. Our craftsmen have been soldering for 18 years, so we boldly include such complex elements in our work!

The result is a unique, bright, unusual, and amazing suncatcher. It will decorate any window in your house: even in the children’s room, even in the living room. A great gift for friends, colleagues, parents!






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