Stained glass Cats

Cat Stained Glass Suncatchers

The theme of cats is prevalent in social networks. We also could not stay away, and therefore we present you our funny cats.

And again, the stained glass window! And again, cats! Well, what beauties!

It all started with a cat in an aviator’s hat, a photo of which I saw on the Web. I couldn’t pass by such a cute cat, so I decided to repeat its stained-glass pattern.

First, there was the sketch part, which was used to draw the vector. All our sketches are converted to vector format for easy operation. This format scales quickly, always has a high-quality final look and is easily changed and supplemented.

Having prepared the pattern for the future stained glass window, I begin to select the glass. It is good to have a large selection, and It was not difficult to pick up the orange glass with streaks that mimic the colour of a cat.

But over the helmet and , I had to break my head. How to make it beautiful and with a minimum of small details.

Glass fusing, that’s the way out. The glasses came out just fantastic!

And for one thing, the cat’s nose was also made of fused glass.

The following difficulties came out with the eyes, what is the best way to do them? Eyes are an essential detail; with them, our catcher of the sun Cat becomes especially cute. I had two ways to solve this problem: to make cabochons out of transparent glass and paint the eye with paints, and the second one was to find ready-made eyes. I tested both options and concluded that they are suitable for me, each for its tasks.

It remains only to cut the glass according to the pattern, foil its edges and solder the cat stained glass suncatchers

Cat Aviator Final result

cat aviator scaled

Stained Glass Сat in The Hat

After the aviator cat’s success, we continued experimenting with cats in hats, and the next colourful cat was Latin. Stylish black moustache, sombrero hat and textured cactus, next to which he stands.

It so happened that he became a stylized cat, so that the novice craftsmen, for whom we made the pattern of the stained glass window of this cat, was not difficult, and it could be easily made.

Easy Stained Glass Patterns Cat

And then the fantasy of our team played out, and the cats showered like a cornucopia.

So we present!

  1. The American sheriff! A gorgeous red cat with a sheriff’s badge and a gun! Pay attention to the small details of the gun – even the trigger is there! – just a piece of jewellery made by the master!
  2. The Indian! What can I say about him? An Indian, he is an Indian! Feathers in his head, a loincloth of leaves, and a spear.
  3. Latin cat. A brutal red cat with a chic moustache in a national headdress. He is standing in the desert with a cactus in his arms! Well, a handsome man!!!
  4. Siberian cat-white, brutal border guard from Russia! A world-famous hat with earflaps, a star on the hat and a badge on the belt! So what about the Russian cat without a Matryoshka doll? The eyes for this cat are specially made! Big, blue eyes. And the moustache, pasted a little sideways – it looks like he’s grinning a little)))
  5. Brave cowboy! “a resident of Texas. A cowboy hat, a bandana and again a cactus, but different!
  6. A Jew! Well, you look like a Jew! Beard, hairstyle, brown eyes and national black hat!

Stained Glass Suncatcher Pattern Cats

Stained Glass Suncatchers Cats