Lighthouse Pigeon Point California

Magnificent Lighthouse stained glass pattern.

Simple design, perfect for both beginner and intermediate. Perhaps you will need a ring saw for this stained glass suncatcher.
If you find it difficult to make a cut from a pattern, feel free to simplify it on the fly.

Lighthouses are so firmly embedded in our lives that we don’t even think about them. A lighthouse is a navigational structure that helps ships reach the shore and warn sailors of navigational hazards.

All sailors respect the sea. Its calm waters can become stormy in an instant, a light breeze can turn into a gale, and if the sailor is not lucky, his life may be in danger
The relationship between man and the sea has always been difficult.

Since the ancient people learned to build boats, people began to surf the seas, fish, and build trade and military routes. They often risked their lives, and not only because the sea was dangerous and unpredictable: the shores themselves were fraught with many dangers-underwater reefs and dangerous currents, which sometimes even experienced sailors could not cope with.
Bonfires and lighthouses served two vital purposes: to help ships reach the shore and to warn sailors of navigational hazards.


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