Stained Glass Pattern Grays Harbor Lighthouse

Lighthouses, being located very close to the sea, and sometimes in the middle of the water, are very strong and hardy architectural structures.
Lighthouse keepers call lighthouses located in the open sea “hell”, those that are built on the islands “purgatory”, and those on the shore “paradise”.

The changeable sea can break its waves furiously on the lighthouse, but the lighthouse remains stable and continues to perform its functions-to light the way for sailors and warn them of danger.
Here, the lighthouse acts as a symbol of perseverance, which also echoes its meaning as a symbol of hope. After all, as long as hope is alive, a person continues to move forward, no matter what.
Waves and rocks in this case symbolize the difficulties of life and the vicissitudes of fate.

The lighthouse is a symbol of perseverance.
Magnificent Lighthouse stained glass pattern.
Simple design, perfect for both beginner and intermediate.
If you find it difficult to make a cut from a pattern, feel free to simplify it on the fly.


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