Mosaic Tray

Will serve as a great gift for any holiday: Christmas, birthday, wedding, Thanksgiving, and others.
In addition to being a beautiful and decorative thing that will decorate any home, the tray can be used as intended!
A cup of tea, a plate of cakes or a couple of glasses of wine or beer, a plate of cheese – and a pleasant evening begins…. Can be used as decor by placing candles in it.

Sturdy enough to provide support for large items, yet light enough for easy transport to a table or picnic area.

The tray is made of plywood, primed, and painted with high-quality, safe paint!

On the blanks of trays made of colored glass, a drawing is laid out using the mosaic method. The mosaic does not fade over time, it will delight you for a long time.

Author’s handwork.

Care advice

The grout on the mosaic bottom and the coating of the wooden parts of the tray are moisture resistant.

But you can’t wash in the dishwasher or soak the tray in water for a long time. It can be rinsed with water, and not rubbed with abrasive products. You can place cups of tea directly on the tray.






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