Stained glass dragonfly, fusing body, stained glass pattern 2 options.

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Photos Suncatcher dragonfly- can be viewed at this link.

A variable set of cabochons is 40 pieces.

The gorgeous dragonfly design will fit into any of your work, mosaic, or stained glass. The simplicity of working with this set will allow even a beginner to make both a very simple product, only a dragonfly, and more difficult work – a suncatcher. Or you can use our dragonfly in your own stained glass panel design or mosaic.

What do you get:

• one dragonfly body

• The body of a dragonfly is made by fusing. (glass sintering in an oven at 800 C) Size 5.6 inches (140 mm) weight 0.09 lb (40 g)

• Round design, stained glass pattern with a diameter of 10.6 inches (270 mm) (downloadable file).

• A set of 40 pieces of assorted cabochons in the size of 15-35 mm. 0.57 lb (260 g)

* All of our items are handcrafted and may vary slightly. Products shown in photos may differ slightly from what we offer you. This is the uniqueness and value of handmade products.
* If you order more than one item, please be aware that no two items will be identical.
* If the item is sold out, we can make it especially for you.


This stained glass window can be made to order according to the size and color you need. Please contact me for more information on customization.


Delivery is carried out from Russia to your address, the approximate delivery time is 25 days or more. Depends on current holidays and coronavirus events around the world.

Each piece is securely packed in a box and sent to the customer in perfect condition.
– VAT included
– I am not responsible for the color rendition of your device, in fact, the hue may vary slightly
– I am not responsible for the work of the customs authorities, for their restrictions and delays.

Returns policy

Glass is a fragile material. We took care of reliable packaging. And we guarantee undamaged delivery or a full refund if the item is damaged in transit.
Photographic Proof of Damage Required

If you have any questions, please contact me.

I hug, Natalia


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