Owls are unique birds that play an essential role in maintaining the ecosystem of our Planet.
These birds regulate the number of rodents, not allowing their number to increase to such an extent that the rodents could cause severe damage to forestry, and even more so to agriculture.
Scientists claim that owls lived in the American continent’s vast northern latitudes several tens of millions of years ago.

Owls live almost everywhere, including in deserts, steppes, mountains, sea coasts, forest zones, and settlements.
Interesting fact! Being in their natural environment, owls can live on average about ten years, while, being in captivity, owls can live up to 40 years, or even more.

The most famous meaning of an owl is a symbol of wisdom and knowledge. The ability to navigate in complete darkness is identified with the gift of prophecy. Silent movement is associated with caution. And her nocturnal lifestyle has long defined her belonging to magic.
This bird is also endowed with such meanings as spirituality, concentration, and entry into the other world. Also, the owl symbolizes femininity, wisdom, and discernment.

Learn more about the file formats included in the stained glass pattern

Black and white JPG file

– One-line file with stained glass pattern and 300DPI resolution
This allows you to scale the drawing yourself to the desired size using programs such as the resizing tool.

Color JPG file

– Painting stained glass with a pattern. Will help you figure out the color combination. Any glass can be used. I work with SPECTRUM and Wissmach glasses. And in some patterns, I give the layout according to the recommended glasses.

Multi-page PDF

I have already taken care of the scale and here are the optimal ones (in my opinion :)) After purchasing, download the PDF file, print it on an A4 sheet, and glue it with labels. And you will get a full-size stained glass window, which is already there, with which you can work immediately. This is probably the best way to get a physical pattern from an electronic file.

SVG vector file

If you need a different size for the pattern, it’s easy to do because I put it in the SVG file.
Easily change the picture’s proportions, the thickness and color of the lines with one movement of the mouse, scale to the desired size and perform all these operations without losing the quality of the picture.
Any vector graphics program is suitable for working with SVG. Freeware is the Inkscape graphic editor.


How to download the pattern after purchase, you can see here.

You can see how to change the size of your template here.


Brown, Clear, Green


intricate, round


from 10 to 12"


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