Lotus, an amazingly beautiful flower, has a very long and unusual history. There are legends about him. He is a very powerful talisman. The lotus has a serious sacred meaning and properties that it gives to people.

In the Feng Shui traditions, the lotus is considered one of the most powerful talismans, a symbol of happiness, joy, and harmony.
Properties of the lotus flower that a modern person can use:
• radiates the energy of wisdom, harmony, perfection, and spiritual peace;
• clears the space around itself of negative energy;
• creates and retains positive energy around itself;
• promotes inspiration, creativity, and solving urgent problems;
• is a symbol of life since the lotus fruits remain viable for many years;
• a very serious talisman in matters of love. It fosters a flourishing relationship that is enjoyable. There is such a concept as “Lotus of the Heart” – this is the sacred fire of Love, which can ignite in a person’s heart and bring him happiness.
• brings good luck and protection from Heaven.
It will be very difficult for us to see the lotus flower in nature, so we can use a lotus made of glass.