Lizard Stained Glass Pattern

The magnificent stained glass lizard pattern is perfect for a master looking for an interesting pattern idea to make a work of art to decorate a window or wall.

According to Chinese beliefs, the Lizard, in the art of Feng Shui, is associated with such qualities as longevity, good health, the ability to find the right way out of even the most difficult, confusing, and unpredictable situations. Therefore, a talisman depicting a lizard is considered good and reliable protection against diseases and troubles.

Print a multi-page PDF file with a fixed size of suncatchers on ordinary A4 sheets and glue them together to get a full-size stained glass pattern.

This template can be attached to a wall or window and evaluate how it will look in the material.

And having decided on the location of the stained glass, embody it in the glass.

To make it easy for you to do this, we have developed a simple design, numbered the pieces of glass, and put down the articles according to the SPECTRUM glass catalog.

and also calculated the required amount of foil for making a lizard pattern.

And if you want to scale it, it’s enough to download the stained glass pattern in SVG format, and you can easily change the size to the desired one using the free Inkscape graphic editor.
Thus, in your creativity, you are free to choose the size of the pattern.

I hope you will get real satisfaction from your work.


What files you will receive by purchasing our pattern, you can see here.

How to download the pattern after purchase, you can see here.

You can see how to change the size of your template here.


Brown, Green, Yellow


big size, mix size








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