This magnificent stained glass window was created in the fusing technique in a single copy and framed in a glossy gold metal frame. There are reliable suspensions on the backside of the frame for fixing the stained glass to the wall.

The hummingbird, a small and brightly colored bird that lives in the forests among beautiful flowers, symbolizes joy, happiness, ease of life, and enjoyment of every moment.
Due to their small size and colorful plumage, Hummingbirds resemble gems, jewelry, and, perhaps, a fantastic rarity. The bird reminds us that the joy of life lies in the little things. We need to learn to see and find joy in everything we do. The hummingbird embodies the ability to appreciate the moment “here and now.”
Also, the hummingbird is a symbol of tremendous energy and vitality because a bird can be in flight for several hours in a row, tirelessly flapping its wings: modern art, horizontal wall art, Fused glass wall art, hummingbird Birds, blue sky.






from 10 to 12"


Black, Blue, Brown, Red, Yellow



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