Custom Stained Glass

How To Place an Order

Hello, dear friends!

Stained glass panels and sun catchers are a great way to decorate your home and give it a fantastic atmosphere. This decoration will bring joy and a great mood for every day. The suncatcher will be a wonderful gift for your loved ones.

And most importantly, such a gift can be made to order, individually tailored for you and your family. Therefore, such a gift will be doubly pleasant.

We can make for you:

    • custom stained glass window panel
    • custom stained glass suncatcher
    • custom stained glass window inserts

What’s so special about a custom-made suncatcher and stained glass panel?

A custom-made stained glass panel or suncatcher is a great way to express yourself as a person. Just imagine-a stained glass window made with absolutely all your wishes in mind made only for you in a single copy.

So what does it take to make an order?

In this guide, we will cover the following topics::

What is required for the order?

First of all, to order an individual suncatcher (custom suncatcher), you need a photo or picture of what you want to get.

It can be:

    • Portrait with photos of your favorite people;
    • Portrait of your favorite pet,
    • An essential place for you, which is associated with memorable events of your life,
    • Symbols that mean something to you.
    • A place you have been to or would like to visit We can even make a memorial inscription on the stained glass window.
    • Or just a suncatcher that will delight you.
    • Or anything at all.

The second stage will determine the size and shape of the future glass product.

The most popular suncatcher sizes are 10,” and for a stained glass panel, 15″ or 20″ sizes are popular. Such suncatchers will look perfect in the interior, the wall, the window, and just on your terrace or in the garden.

You can also order any size at your discretion as long as it fits your space and has its place in the house. This can be a kitchen window, a cabinet with glass doors, or a door between rooms.

To design a stained glass window pattern, we will need dimensions – height and width.

Try to describe in as much detail as possible what you want to get in the finished product.

After you have decided on the photo and size of your suncatcher or stained glass panel and have written your order requests, please send all this to our e-mail address the Contact US page in the message form.

We move on to the third stage.

Third stage

We will inform you by e-mail how much your order will cost approximately.

More precisely, this can be calculated after the development stage of the stained glass pattern is completed.

If you are satisfied, we ask you to make the first payment.

How will the individual order of a stained glass window be made?

Making a suncatcher is divided into three stages:

And two payments.

  1. Develop a stained glass pattern and coordinate it with you.
  2. After receiving approval for the stained glass pattern, we proceed to make a suncatcher in the material.
  3. We pack and take photos and send them to your address. We will notify you of the e-mail address specified in the order. In the notification, you will receive a photo of the finished work and track the mailing number.

The first payment for the stage of development and approval of the future stained glass window pattern makes up 25% of the total order amount.

The second payment for the remaining 75% is made after agreeing on the stained glass window pattern. After receiving it, we execute the product in glass.

Each part is manually cut with a unique glass cutter according to a previously developed sketch, ground on a grinding machine. Then all the edges are wrapped in copper foil and carefully crimped so that there are no gaps. After that, all the details are soldered together, and as a result, we get a solid stained glass window. The seams can be left silvery or treated with a patina, giving them a copper or black color. The craftsmen who perform these operations have twenty years of work experience.

How much does custom stained glass cost?

To understand how much a custom-made stained glass window can cost, you need to answer the following questions: – What size of stained glass suncatcher do you need?
Shape: Circle, Square, Rectangle, Complex Shape
Dimensions-height, width
The complexity of the sketch part (Number of parts)
And also, add the shipping cost to your expenses.

Let’s see how this is expressed in numbers
1 square inch of stained glass costs$0.5
One piece of glass in suncatcher 2$
Sketch development$10
Delivery 25$

Take, for example, here is a suncatcher dog.

Shape: Circle
Size: Diameter 10 inches (circle)
Product area: 81.2 inches
The number of parts: 27 pieces.

Stained glass pattern 10$
Delivery 25$
Total: $130
4 2

Each order for a stained-glass window is unique, and there may be nuances in the calculations, but you can use this example to understand approximately how much the order will cost you.

How do I place an order?

To become the owner of a beautiful sun catcher or stained glass panel, designed individually for you, you need to place an order on our website or write us an e-mail at