Diamond Crystal Decor

The beauty and sheen are not affected by time.
Diamond is an outdated name for diamond (see also “adamant,” diamond).
Diamond is the most mysterious mineral that exists on the planet.
* Diamond is widely used in industry and plays an essential role in our daily life. The word “Diamant” (Diamant) is ancient, and it came from the French language and means “diamond,” made of shiny, faceted and rugged stone.”
* The word “diamond,” in turn, is also obsolete but of Greek origin. And means ” a hard, invincible mineral or untamed substance.” All values refer to the solid nature of the stone.
Our diamonds – of course not natural, but made of glass with multiple faces.
Therefore, they can be safely used in their projects-the manufacture of stained glass.
Diamond will help you create a unique Stained Glass Panel that will surprise you and others. You will implement all your ideas and implement a design project in an apartment, house, office, restaurant, hotel. The diamond will perfectly refract light and will add elegance to the stained glass window.
An example of the use of our diamond is a stained glass clock. See the link.

It is also possible to insert diamonds in a variety of floral subjects. They will look great in stained glass windows in a classic style.
Fantasize and boldly implement your ideas!

Weight 0.04 lbs
Dimensions 1 × 1 in

1", 1 1/5", 1 5/9"


1, 5, 10






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