These cute glass turtles will become great home decor.
The turtle is considered a symbol of longevity, wisdom, protection, and health.

Such a turtle pendant can be worn as a pendant or used as a feng shui element at home (for those who are interested in this direction).

There are a lot of turtles and they are all different. A whole flock of turtles turned out.
“When you need to add brightness to the image, there is nothing better than glass brooches. They are able to transform any strict and casual outfit. You can wear them on the lapels of coats and jackets, with T-shirts, jeans, vests, and dresses, you can even attach them to a backpack or bag.
The details of the jewelry are cut out of special colored glass and then baked in an oven at a temperature of 800C. The glossy surface, bright colors, and various shapes will delight you with their brevity and originality. Accessories made of steel.


Blue, Brown, White




up to 5"






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