3D Stained Glass Pattern Old Barn Christmas Villages Ideas

This is the 4 th building to our Christmas Village.

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2 – Stained Glass Pattern 3D Church Christmas Village Series 02 Led Night Light
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4 – Stained Glass Pattern 3D Old Barn, Christmas Village 04
5 – 3d Stained Glass Pattern House, Xmas edition 5

House size: h:5,12″ x w:3,94″ x  d:3,94″

According to one basic pattern, you can make completely different products.

We give you a base.  And you can make any changes.

Adjusting your process to the presence of glass and its dimensions.

Advice from our followers

If you are having difficulty soldering 3d structures, glue them together!

if the video is blurry, it needs a little more time to download.



  • It is allowed to sell products based on this pattern, whether you make changes to it or not, it does not matter;
  • The sale of products is allowed at various sites;
  • The resale and transfer of the pattern is prohibited;

Beautiful works and lots of fun!


3D, intricate


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