Lighthouse Stained Glass Suncatcher 3D Night Light

Dear friends, today we want to share with you our wonderful novelty! Stunning 3D Lighthouse Sun Catcher!

This unusual suncatcher continues our series “Christmas Village” (Christmas house, village house, and church). We decided not to stick to the Christmas theme and just make a beautiful village.

Lighthouse 3D 06

Lighthouses are very important structures. They are a visible landmark during the day, and at night they emit a continuous or flashing bright light to warn passing ships about dangers and help them navigate, determine a safe course.

Lighthouse 3D 05

By purchasing such a night light in the form of a Lighthouse, you will bring light and warmth to your home. It will become a symbol of the right path in your family.

We used high-quality materials for the manufacture of this lighthouse, such as Spectrum glass, Novocan patina, solder with a tin content of at least 61%.

Lighthouse 3D 01

Lighthouse 3D 03

Lighthouse 3D 04

Such a lighthouse will be an excellent decoration for a fireplace in the living room, a window in the nursery or living room, or just as a dresser decoration. The soft light that it emits will help create comfort in your home.

We carefully monitor the quality of our products and their packaging. We ship our 3D suncatchers in eco-friendly plywood boxes with a thickness of 4 mm, having previously laid and reinforced them with foam and bubble wrap.


The lighthouse keeper’s house comes as a gift with our beautiful 3D suncatcher. Its retail value is $20.

Lighthouse 3D 07


Orange, Red, White


3D, intricate







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